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Monrovia ChalkFest Winners Announced on October 5

07 Oct 2019 1:36 PM | Anonymous

In an afternoon award ceremony attended by artists, friends, the mayor, city officials and event sponsors, eight artists were lauded for their outstanding entries in the Monrovia ChalkFest. This year’s theme was “Art Changes the World.” Speaking on the stage of the Monrovia Station Square Park venue, MAFA President Christine Geltz presented certificates and cash prizes to the following artists for their achievement:

1st Prize – Leo Aguirre


2nd Prize – Nuria Martinez


3rd Prize & Theme Prize – Stacy Nalapraya


Student Prize – Angela Zhao (not pictured) and Jessica Chiu


Student Theme Prize – Hofu DeMello and Samara Lichtman

Winners were judged on:
  • Use of color, value, shade and tone
  • Application of chalk and quality of stroke
  • Originality of work or fidelity of reproduction
  • Complexity of artwork rendered
  • Treatment of subject matter

Many thanks to our judges, including lead judge Natalie Acosta, Disney animation artist for many years, as well as Frank Zgonc, Lisa Barrios, Katie Gundersen and Millie Havens.

Christine also thanked Tiffany Ma, Director of the Visual Arts Conservatory and Matthew McMullen, Art Teacher at California School of the Arts for encouraging all the members of CSA’s Public Arts Class to enter the ChalkFest.

Special Thanks and Appreciation to Our Sponsors

Also receiving acknowledgment for their support were the valued ChalkFest Prize and Square Sponsors, who made the ChalkFest possible.

1st Prize: Mayor Tom Adams, Century 21 Adams & Barnes
2nd Prize: Chris Shevlin, Chicago Title (represented by Becky Shevlin, Monrovia City Councilmember
3rd Prize: Hal Leaven
Theme Prize: Wonder Dog Ranch
Student Prize: Arcadia Association of Realtors
Student Theme Prize: Arcadia Association of Realtors

Square Sponsors: Kelly Quezada - Lemon Drop Cookie Shop, Ann Viar - The Bubbly Grandma, Dr Theresa Smith – Hands 2 Health Wellness Center, Alex Di Peppe – Di Peppe’s Italian Restaurant and Monrovia High School Alumni Association.

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