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Monthly Workshop: A WHITE BELT IN ART

  • 26 Oct 2021
  • 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Making art can be a tricky business. There’s inspiration and aspiration, which is great, but there also second-guessing, self-doubt, even fear. In my practice, I address these concerns by always going for a white belt in art, since the white belt is the one they give you for just showing up. If that idea appeals to you – if you can see how it will help you manage your expectations and improve your performance – boy, do I have a workshop for you!

Please join me – virtually – on Tuesday, October 26 at 7pm for a fun and fast-paced look at some of the tricks of productive practice that I’ve cooked up in my lifetime of making words and pictures come to life. We’ll look at such things as Eye, Hand and Voice, and learn how to track our progress with each. We’ll also talk about goal setting, self-reflection, acceptance and many other exciting and important – yet often overlooked – parts of the creative process. I can’t guarantee that I will make you more skillful in your art, but I can sure as heck show you how to have more fun.

John Vorhaus is an artist, novelist, scriptwriter, and teacher and trainer of creative practice worldwide (37 countries on five continents at last count). He has been a proud Monrovian since 2000, and looks forward to meeting other proud Monrovians like you.

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